Earn $35 an hour playing Uno

Job titleYou can earn up to $35 an hour playing and reviewing card games like Uno, solitaire, etc.

Job description: Have you ever played Uno with your friends? If yes, you'll love this job. See, numerous app companies created and launched a lot of games like this. And they're looking for ordinary folks to play and review their games. They just wanna know how their games are performing. And that's what they expect from you… Your role is just to download, play, and write a quick review of your experience with those apps.

Pay: $35 per hour.

Location: Those app companies mainly prefer people from United States.

Requirements: You just need a simple device like a phone or tablet to install and play the Uno or similar card games and write a review about them by logging in to our system. You also need to be available 5-10 hours a week.

Necessary Experience: What experience would you need to play Uno? Nothing! :) Just relax and play. But remember, this is like a dream job to many people. I mean, who wouldn't love to earn money by playing games? That's why we get a ton of applications daily.

So you have to act fast if you want to work like this. Or else, there'd be no available spots left for you to apply.

So hurry up and…

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