$560 per week for playing Pub-G mobile

Pub-g became insanely popular in the last two years. And now, there are a lot more games like it, and today you have the opportunity to play one of those and make money by doing so.

Job titleMake $560 per week by playing, testing, and reviewing awesome multiplayer games like Pub-g.

Job description: Some great app developers that we work with have launched some outstanding games. Those games are similar or even better than Pub-g. You can play and test those games on your tablet or smartphone (android or iOS). Here, you just have to download and play those games, and write short reviews on your experience after playing. 2 hours of free time each day is enough and the reviews should be brief (200-300 words).

Pay: $560 per week

Location: Hiring people mainly from United States.

Application Deadline: Midnight, May 30th, 2024

Requirements: A normal smartphone or tablet (android or iOS), reliable internet access, 2 hours each day.

Necessary Experience: If you know how to play games and post reviews, then you already have the necessary experience needed..

You just have to apply for this job ASAP, we're hiring only 3 app testers today.

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