$630 per week for improving yourself

We all have some strengths as well as weaknesses, but when you always try to improve yourself, you become unstoppable. And today, we're hiring you to work on yourself and improve yourself, and you'll get paid by doing so.

Job titleMake $630 a week by using and testing self-improvement apps on your smartphone.

Job description: We know some app developers who, with the help of some professionals, have created some self-improvement apps for smartphones and tablets. Those apps have so many features and are packed with some cool stuff that can help you in improving yourself step by step each day. And your job here is to become an app tester and use, test, and review those apps and get paid $630 a week for it. You just have to download those apps on your smartphone or tablet, use them for a while, and explore every feature and setting and write short reviews of your experience with them.

Pay: $630 per week ($45/hr)

Location: Hiring people mainly from United States.

Application Deadline: Midnight, June 20th, 2024

Requirements: A smartphone or tablet (android or iOS, reliable internet access, 2 hours of free time each day, and a passion for improving yourself and prosper in life.

Necessary Experience: You don't need any kind of experience to work here, you just have to have a basic knowledge of how to download and use apps and how to write reviews.

Apply now because we're hiring only 4 app testers today.

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