$770 per week for relieving your stress

Do you play casual games like puzzles, board games, quizzes, etc, on your phone to relieve stress? If yes, then stop playing for free. Get paid for doing so.

Job titleGet paid $770 a week for playing and testing stress-relieving mobile games.

Job description: We're hiring you to test and review some awesome mobile games based on relieving stress and boosting mental power. We're currently working with some app developers who just have launched those games and are now looking for app testers from United States. Your job as an app tester is just to download those apps on your smartphone or tablet, explore and test every feature of them, and write short 200 to 300-word reviews based on your experience with them.

Pay: $770 per week.

Location: Hiring people mainly from United States.

Application Deadline: Midnight, June 20th, 2024

Requirements: A smartphone or tablet (android or iOS), 2 hours of free time each day, and a passion for playing games.

Necessary Experience: You don't necessarily need any previous experience to work at this job, you just have to know how to download and play games. If you know this stuff, then apply for this remote job ASAP!

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