$825 per week for playing cooking games on mobile

Have you ever played cooking games on mobile? They're pretty interesting and fun to play. But what if I tell you that you can earn $825 per week for playing these cooking games? No, I'm not kidding. Have a look at this job:

Job titleEarn $825per week playing and testing cooking games on your smartphone or tablet (android or ios)

Job description: Some great app developers have recently launched brand-new mobile games. And they're looking to hire ordinary folks from United States to test and review their apps. You just have to download those games, play for a while (or as much as you want ;-)), and write about them in a short 200-300 word review. In that review, you have to write about how those apps are performing. (This can include all the bugs and errors that you've faced while playing)

Pay: $825 per week.

Location: People from United States are preferred.

Application Deadline: Midnight, July 15th, 2024

Requirements: You just need an internet connection and a tablet or smartphone on which you can download those apps.

Necessary Experience: No previous experience is needed at all. This job is extremely simple as well as enjoyable. All you need to worry about is that the available positions are really limited. Today, we just need 4 ordinary people from United States.

So act fast!

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