Would you do a crossword for $120?

We’re looking for someone to fill a job role testing and reviewing crossword apps and all kinds of other words, numbers, and puzzle games on their phone or tablet. So, do you like relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with a crossword puzzle? Then this job could be right up your street - and it pays very well too. Here are the details…

Job title: Pocket hundreds of dollars every day testing and reviewing crossword and other words, number and puzzle apps on your phone or tablet

Job description: Crosswords, sudoku, match-3: there are a lot of old-school words, numbers, and puzzle games that have been adapted to the digital world via apps. And the small companies creating these apps need some eagle-eyed remote workers to take their new apps for a spin and give them feedback. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a genius crossword player, you just need to spot bugs and give honest feedback on your experience using their apps.

Pay: $30 an hour (minimum $120 a day)

Location: As this is an online position, it’s open to people from United States, so you already qualify on that front!

Requirements: You’ll need to meet the standard requirements for online work. Namely, a smartphone or tablet, an internet connection, and a minimum of 4 available hours each week to do the work. The hours are flexible, so it’s up to you when and how much time you put in, but 4 hours a week is the minimum. You could do 4 hours a day if you like (or more), which will net you about $120 a day.

Experience necessary: As I say, you don’t need to be a crossword genius or anything like that. This is mainly about testing the usability of the apps, so checking whether there are any bugs, if they run smoothly or lag, that kind of thing. So the only experience you need is a keen eye and the enthusiasm to help small companies improve their apps. We’ll provide you with full training on the best way to write up your reviews. Most people see crosswords and other words, number and puzzle games as a good way to pass a lazy afternoon. And they are.

But what if you could receive a little extra cash while you do it? If that appeals to you, then I say get your name down for this position sharpish. Well-paid remote jobs like this get snapped up quickly.

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