$150 a day for listening to your favorite podcasts

 Have you ever used apps like Audible, Google podcast, or Spotify for listening to your favorite podcasts? If yes, then would you like to earn some money doing the same? I'm not kidding, now you can make up to $150 to $200 per day by using and testing podcast apps similar to Audible.

Job titleMake $150 per day remotely by listening to podcasts.

Job description: There are a lot of new app developers that have launched brand-new music and podcast-playing apps. And now, they're looking for some ordinary folks from United States to download and test their apps. Here, you just have to write a quick review after using those apps explaining how they are performing.

Pay: $150 per day

Location: People from United States are preferred.

Requirements: Do you have a reliable internet connection and a simple device like a laptop or smartphone? If yes, then you don't need anything else. You're all set!

Necessary Experience: No experience needed at all. If you know how to download and use apps, then you're already qualified for this job. Just be quick, as we are getting a lot of applications from United States. We won't be able to hold this job for a long time.

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