Pocket $30 per hour to organize your finances

Do you fancy organizing your finances and receiving money to do so? Because that’s exactly what today’s job offer provides. We’re looking for 10 people to test and review budgeting and financial planning apps like Mint. Here’s how you can apply…

Job title: Receive $30 per hour to test and review budgeting and financial planning apps like Mint on your smartphone or tablet

Job description: Mint is just one of many new apps helping ordinary people better manage their personal finances. We’re working with several financial planning app companies to find 10 remote workers to test and review their apps. You don’t need to invest any money in these apps and you don’t need to input any of your real financial information. You’ll just be providing your feedback on the usability of the apps.

Pay: $30 an hour

Location: Some apps are only available in certain countries, so we’ll work with you to find financial planning app companies in United States.

Requirements: You don’t need a huge bank account stuffed with cash to do this. You don’t even need to have a head for numbers, because that’s what the app is for! You just need a tablet or smartphone, an internet connection and 10 hours a week to test and review these apps.

Experience necessary: If you’ve ever received a paycheck (which I’m guessing you have) then you have all the experience necessary to test out these apps. We’ll provide you with full training for the testing and reviewing part of this job role, so don’t worry if you have no experience doing that. Whether your finances are in perfect working order or you could do with a little help organizing them, you can apply for this job. It pays $30 per hour, allows you to work anywhere in the world, and we only have 10 spots available…

So needless to say they’re going to get filled fast! If you’re interested, I recommend you click the button below and get your name down ASAP.

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