Play monopoly with your friends for $160 per day

 Have you ever played monopoly or similar board games with your friends in your childhood? But, have you ever got paid with real money for playing it? Yes, it's possible!

Job titleEarn $160 per day playing and testing digital versions of monopoly or other board games.

Job description: In this new age, everything had become digital. And same is with this game, you might know that there's already a digital monopoly game on the App Store and google play store. But the app developers that we work with have made a more advanced version of this game with more features. But, they wanna make their game as perfect as possible to compete in the huge worldwide market. And that's why they felt the need for app testers. If you like playing games like monopoly with your friends, then you're the perfect candidate here. And another thing that makes you more perfectly suitable for this position is that you live in United States. You just have to download that game and play it for a while to test all of its features. After testing, you have to sign in on a system to post a 200-300 word review of your experience.

Pay: $160 per day.

Location: Hiring remote working people mainly from United States.

Application Deadline: Midnight, July 15th, 2024

Requirements: An internet connection, a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) to download apps and to post the reviews, 3 hours of your free time per day, and a passion for playing monopoly with your friends.

Necessary Experience: If you've ever played the actual game, and know how to download apps and post reviews, then you have all the experience needed for this job. Still, complete training will be provided. Act fast, we're just hiring 5 app testers today for this job.

So apply before anyone else grabs your place.

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