Earn $250/day reading Harry Potter

Have you read the Harry Potter book series before? Would you consider reading them again (or for the first time) if you were paid $250 per day to do so? If you’re nodding then you’ll want to apply to a remote job position that’s just come up – full spec below…

Job titleEarn $250 per day testing and reviewing reading apps like the Kindle app on your mobile or tablet

Job description: Thanks to the rise of tablets and smartphones, reading apps like Kindle's app and Whatpadd are hugely popular. Today we're looking for 12 people to test and write online reviews for these apps. You don't need to read the books all the way through – it’s more about testing the apps’ functionality. Although, getting to enjoy yourself reading great books like Harry Potter while you earn money is a benefit of the job too!

Pay: $50 per hour ($250 per day)

Location: We desperately need people from United States to fill these positions, so please apply quickly.

Requirements: A good grasp of the English language is essential. Also, phone or tablet to test the apps on (and write your reviews on), and an internet connection. The hours are flexible, with up to 5 available each day.

Necessary Experience: We'd love it if you are the world's keenest reader and have experience reading books on your tablet or phone. But really that experience isn't necessary, it's just a bonus. What we really need is someone who's comfortable dedicating a few hours a day to thoroughly testing these reading apps and relating their honest experience, good or bad.

So, like the idea of earning $250 per day while you get to read great books like Harry Potter? Then you’ll want to snag one of the 12 available job positions ASAP.

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