$210 a day to train your brain

Would you like to get smarter? And would you like to receive money at the same time? If you’re nodding YES to both of those questions, then you’re going to love today’s job offering… this is your chance to earn some extra capital by testing and reviewing brain training apps like Memorando!

Job title: Get smarter and earn extra bucks testing and reviewing brain training apps like Memorando on your tablet or phone

Job description: Studies have shown that brain training can improve working memory and increase intelligence. And we’re looking for 5 people to put the best brain training apps, like Memorando, out there to the test. You just need to download and play around with the apps and then write up your opinions on your experience. You’ll make some extra cash and, who knows, you could even get smarter in the process!

Pay: $30 an hour ($210 a day)

Location: We’re looking for people from United States for this one. So, you fit the bill.

Requirements: Do you have a brain? Are you ready to watch it get smarter? Then you’re good to go! In all seriousness, all you need is a tablet or phone, an internet connection and 7 hours available each week to test these apps out.

Necessary Experience: This isn’t brain surgery. You don’t need to know anything about the way the brain works or anything like that. It’s all about playing games developed by neuroscientists and seeing if they make you feel smarter. You’ll also need to keep a note of the functionality of the apps, but if you’ve downloaded and used an app before, you’ll have all the experience necessary for that. We’ll be providing you with training on how to write good reviews. So, can you feel your brain growing at the thought of testing these brain training apps? I hope so because this could really be a fun job! In fact, I think for that reason it won’t be available for long.

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