Earn $35 an hour playing Uno

 Do you hang out with your friends or attend meetings on a video call? If yes, then congrats! You can now make money while doing the same. I'm not kidding, we know some great app developers who have just launched brand-new video calling apps like zoom and skype‚Ķ And are looking for ordinary people from United States to use them and write short reviews about them.

Job titleGet paid $190 a day for calling your friends on video chat.

Job description: Some app companies we know are looking for ordinary people from United States to download and test their video calling apps. Your role as an app tester is nothing more than just downloading and using those brand new apps for video chatting with your friends.

Pay: $190 per day.

Application deadline: Midnight, April 19th, 2024

Location: People from United States are preferred.

Requirements: You just need a simple device (even a smartphone or tablet will work), and a reliable internet connection.

Necessary Experience: You're already qualified for this job if you've ever used video calling apps like skype or zoom. But consider this: This well-paying remote job is also super simple and fun to work. That's what makes it rare to find.

So, consider yourself lucky if you're still looking at this page, as it'll soon be taken down because of the very limited availability of open spots.

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