Work for Google, $200/day

Do you have Google Chrome installed on your phone, tablet, or laptop? If not, do you mind spending 30 seconds downloading it? You see, we’re looking for someone to test and review browser apps like Google Chrome. Especially someone from United States. Here are a few more details about the job:

Job title$200/day testing and reviewing browser apps like Google Chrome.

Job description: Download browser apps to your phone, use them, and give feedback to the companies developing them.

Pay: Up to $200/day.

Application deadline: Midnight, June 20th, 2024

Location: Anywhere in the world, but especially people from United States.

Requirements: Smartphone, tablet, or computer. Internet connection. 5+ hours per week.

Necessary Experience: None required, full training given. This job is going to get snapped up quickly. As I say, because you’re from United States, we’ll bump you up to the front of the application queue, but you need to apply ASAP. So, click the button below to apply now.

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